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Tips for achieving a beautiful sound with fingerpicking:

1. Always be sure to bring out the melody notes. Melody notes are shown in the standard notation.

2. Play with "glue fingers." Once you have placed a left-hand finger on a fret, do not lift that finger until it is absolutely necessary.









Free Tablature

These arrangements are aimed primarily for the intermediate player. None of the arrangements is meant to be hurried. In playing them, take your time to play expressively and enjoy the intrinsic beauty of the melodies. Listen to your own playing, experiment with different approaches and go with whatever approach produces a sound that seems most beautiful to you

Nina's Tips for Practicing

I think that first and foremost, it's important to listen. By listening carefully, we can identify passages that would sound better if they were played more smoothly, or more cleanly, or more expressively; once we've identified passages that don't feel quite "right," then we can go back to them, experiment with different approaches, and find ways to play them to achieve a sound that we like. It also helps to isolate troublesome patches and work on them a few notes at a time until they flow comfortably. To prepare for performing a piece by memory, I like to practice the piece in segments, sometimes playing the segments out of order, or starting and stopping at odd places; this approach cements "landmarks" in my memory, landmarks that are interspersed throughout the piece and that can serve as "rescue" spots in case of a memory lapse.

Oh Susanna, 3 Parts

Melody, Acrobat reader: pdf
Melody, TablEdit: tef
Harmony1, Acrobat reader: pdf
Harmony1, TablEdit: tef
Harmony2, Acrobat reader: pdf
Harmony2, TablEdit: tef

In the Bleak Midwinter

From Winter Variations tablature book

Acrobat reader: pdf
TablEdit: tef

Rorate Coeli Desuper

(From Winter's Light CD and also The Softer Side of Dulcimer tablature book )

Acrobat reader: pdf
TablEdit: tef


(From Heart's Ease tablature book)

Acrobat reader: pdf
TablEdit: tef

The Friendly Beasts (melody)

(From Tunes for Two or More: Christmas Edition)

Melody: Acrobat reader: pdf          TablEdit: tef
Harmony: Acrobat reader: pdf       TablEdit: tef

There is a Balm in Gilead

(from Glories Immortal tablature book)

Acrobat reader: pdf         TablEdit: tef

Annie Laurie

(from The Softer Side of Dulcimer tablature book and The Sum of the Parts CD.)

Acrobat reader: pdf         TablEdit: tef

Will Ye No Come Back Again

(from The Softer Side of Dulcimer tablature book and The Sum of the Parts CD.)

Low Version: Acrobat Reader: pdf          TablEdit: tef
High Version: Acrobat Reader pdf           TablEdit tef

Plaisir D'Amore duet

(from Tunes for Two or More, with Beth Lassi)

Melody: Acrobat Reader: pdf             TablEdit:  tef
Harmony:  Acrobat Reader: pdf         TablEdit:  tef

Slane (Be Thou My Vision)

(Slane is featured in the CD Beside Still Waters as part of a medley with St. Columba and the tab is part of the Celtic Variations book.)

Version 1: Acrobat Reader: pdf             TablEdit:  tef
Version 2: Acrobat Reader: pdf             TablEdit:  tef